Photos by Hellen Oliveira Photography

About Rachel and Kenny Bowers

Hey y'all! I'm Rachel and I'm a videographer in Atlanta, GA. For the majority of my life, video has been my passion. Thanks to some truly talented teachers and role models, I have been able to learn, practice, and strengthen my skills in this field. When I started seeing the joy my videos bring to others, I decided to begin my own production company and name it Palmetto Films in honor of my home state of South Carolina! My husband, Kenny, is also a huge part of this company; he is often my second shooter and helps with the financial side of our business.

The mission of Palmetto Films is to provide you with videos that reflect your unique personality and style in every way possible. With the help of my assistants and the unwavering support of my friends and family, I am able to shoot, edit, and create videos that highlight all the wonderful things in life that mean the most to you.

More about Kenny and me: We were in the same graduating class at Clemson University but didn’t meet until after graduation! We got married in 2015 and moved to Atlanta the summer of 2017 after living in Charleston, SC. We own a home and an insane but lovable dog. We love hiking, visiting breweries, reading, arguing about which movie to watch, and being part of a Life Group at our church.

"But if our work is going to be more than a job - if it's going to be a true calling on our lives - then we must ask questions not about which career will best boost our self-image but rather how we might best serve the One who has called us to create." -Jordan Raynor, Called to Create